Diamond synthetic tools

The single synthetic diamond tools present undoubted advantages.

The first of these is the use of a diamond crystal obtained by man through sophisticated technological processes.

The accurate control of these processes allows to obtain intact, pure, repeatable and reliable materials. The purity of the material is also accompanied by the shape. In fact, the tools made with this raw material offer the same section of use from the beginning to the end of life of the tool itself.

Modern CNC machines and especially unmanned machines will find tools of reliable reliability in this category. This program includes two categories of tools. The first realized with the diamond obtained with the technological process called CVD. The second category made with diamonds obtained with the MD technological process. Briefly, the CVD process consists in the growth of a diamond layer (ie pure carbon C) on a very thin silicon substrate through the use of pure gases (H2 hydrogen and CH4 methane). The growth occurs by checking the appropriate physical-chemical conditions of the gases involved in the process. The process takes its name from the English acronym Chemical Vapor Deposition. The CVD process is a relatively simple and inexpensive process and gives rise to a material that does not have a specific atomic orientation, so the tool does not need to be oriented.

The synthetic diamond obtained through the MD process consists of growth, in appropriate physical-chemical conditions and thanks to the use of suitable catalysts of a single large diamond crystal. Subsequently, the crystal is appropriately sectioned by means of a laser or a saw cut. The crystal obtained by the process just described has the carbon atoms appropriately oriented so the best performances are obtained by making the tool work along its main line of force. which is precisely between corner and corner. If the tool should work along the planes of flaking or between the upper and lower side, there will be premature wear of the working tip with relative loss of performance. The MD process is a more expensive production process hence the difference in price of the tools even with the same measurement. Our experience has led us to propose the following range of tools that we are sure will fully meet the needs of the most demanding operators.

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World's premier trade fair, EMO Hannover 2019
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