Roller dressers

The circular tools have different fields of application

They can be used for straight dressing or for shaping. They can be used on large and small wheels.

The tools are built using top quality diamond, elongated or octahedral. A special abrasion-resistant metal matrix binds the diamond grains positioned on the periphery of the tool

The use of the same is very simple and similar to the use of single diamonds, the primary advantage is the possibility of rotating a few degrees, the tool, to have immediately new tips, sharp and sharp ready to restore the exact geometry of the abrasive wheel. A pass depth varying between 0.02 - 0.03 mm and an abundant flow of coolant are the primary conditions to obtain a long tool life. Tools with particular choices and types of diamond can be made in strict agreement with the customer.

EMO Hannover – the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking industry – is a key showcase for innovations and an essential driver of global production technology.

From 16 to 21 September 2019, exhibitors from all over the world will once again offer their production capacity and their innovative strength at EMO in Hannover, the leading trade fair in the sector.

International specialized operators will thus be able to review the entire range of metalworking techniques, in particular machine tools, production systems, precision tools, automated material flow, computerized technology, industrial electronics and accessories, and above all solutions for Industry 4.0 and integrated production.
World's premier trade fair, EMO Hannover 2019
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